How We Support Research Students

Engage With Our Internationally Acclaimed Academics

Research students at all stages need support. This might be advice on methodological approaches and structures, editing of written work, ways to negotiate difficult situations with supervisors, or guidance on analysis and data presentation software such as R, SPSS, or ArcGIS. The Third Degree’s Associates are here to work alongside you, providing the support you need to continue your research, and to develop as a research professional. Be it a small question regarding the structure of a survey question or running a focus group, approaches to prioritising and organising a literature review, or the need to learn how to analyse and interpret data via recognisable software, we are happy to be your de facto research partner.


Our team of senior academic consultants is available to guide and support you through your research journey. Each is well-respected and published academics in their own right, having held positions of responsibility within internationally-acclaimed universities and research institutions, and understand the journey that you are undertaking, as well as the responsibilities that ride on a quality supervisor or advisor.


Exceptional Value 

Our clients say that we add value to their research journey by bringing our experience from both academia and industry to the fore; helping each of them to strengthen their grasp of methodology and communication in research. Our clients are the subject matter experts; we support their development through sharing an in-depth awareness of the application and transferability of diverse research methodologies and the communication of research 

Real Life Settings 

As researchers and educators with deep content knowledge and diversity of understanding, we also have the gift for applying and communicating research into real-life settings and understand the way that technology, business, and marketing work, and how that can add value to your research outputs and career development. 

Diverse Roles 

You can engage with us as consultants, advisors, Devil’s advocates, speakers, or professional mentors.

Services for Research Candidates

Our academic team can help guide you with / through:

Applying for research degree enrolment.

Proposal development guidance.

Ethics awareness and committee submissions.

Methodology guidance and specific training.

Student-Supervisor relationship development.

Survey instrument construction and editing.

Writing and editing guidance and advice.

Proof-reading and structural feedback.

Turning your research into publishable material. 

Statistical analysis and interpretation assistance.

Geographical Information systems advice, training, and processing.

Copyright advisory, image creation and use.

Structuring research presentations.

Viva preparation and mock viva practice.