Farrell Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Marketer, strategist, and corporate trainer, Farrell’s career has seen him represent some extremely notable global brands, as well as supporting and growing local SME’s. Farrell spearheads the business development and marketing of The Third Degree, ensuring that we develop robust industry partnerships, are present in our target markets, and that our content reaches our target demographics.
Farrell Tan, CEO

Dr Craig J Selby

Academic Director

Internationally experienced academic and administrator, Craig’s strong interest in the development of research and communication capabilities led him to co-found The Third Degree. His teaching career started in learning support, where he developed writing and research methodology programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He later moved into subject-specific lecturing, then on to faculty management and government-industry liaison and accreditation. In his corporate life, Craig has also helmed a Brand Communications Agency that operates within SouthEast Asia. An economist by training, his interests are in Globalisation, Education, and Crisis Communication.
Dr Craig J Selby

Nik Lim

Digital Director

Nik is a pioneer in the digital ecosystem in Malaysia. A seasoned innovator and technology entrepreneur, he is the former Chief Digital Officer of a Fortune-500 linked multinational Agency. His previous venture in social commerce won the 2019 Paypal Incubator prize.
Nik brings to The Third Degree over 25 years of experience in building and scaling digital business.
Dr Craig J Selby

Climate Change | Our Statement of Commitment

The Third Degree acknowledges the scientific consensus regarding the existence of climate change and the substantial contribution the human population is now making to this. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to current and future generations to shift the outcomes in respect of the environment. Our commitment to countering climate change is here