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The Third Degree is a research and higher education consultancy. We provide a support ecosystem for research students & professional development, as well as strategic solutions for Universities seeking to extend current capabilities. We support postgraduate research students with access to experts and resources, giving students and emerging researchers enhanced avenues for personal and professional development. We support Universities and industry learning providers with ensuring their programmes and delivery remain current and relevant. This includes programme audit services, programme design and delivery, and professional development training for educators.

  • High-Impact Learning | The Third Degree Capability Building programmes are customised to achieve specific objectives, with content tailored by industry, university and role. Participants understand exactly how the training connects to their journey.

  • Subject Mastery | We start by providing a strong foundation, layer on more complex concepts and reinforce learning with reflective exercises to maximise retention.

  • An Interactive Experience | We don’t just lecture. Our experts use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including simulations, gaming and small-group learning, to keep programmes relatable, engaging and fun.

  • Energy and Inspiration | Feedback consistently demonstrates that researchers and academics who participate in The Third Degree programmes are more engaged and feel reinvigorated and supported as they sharpen their skills.

What Do Our Clients Say?

We love hearing from our clients, and it's great when clients share with us their experience of our webinars and resources, and when they benefit from our guidance and services.


Dr Craig J Selby

Academic Director

Craig is a qualitative and historic researcher. He has been involved in tertiary education and management since the 1990s, and has lectured and supervised research students at Universities and Polytechnics in several Asia-Pacific countries. He is multi-disciplinary in outlook; his undergraduate degree in socio-economic geography, masters in economic development, and doctoral work in economics and globalisation. He holds additional postgraduate qualifications in tertiary teaching and learning, and has a keen interest in educational management and facilitation development. He is the Academic Director and co-founder of The Third Degree. In addition to quality assurance responsibilities, Craig actively teaches and mentors in qualitative research methodology, and dissertation planning and writing. Craig’s signature programmes include: Shift Happens | Pivoting Your Research Online; Interpreting the Past | Embracing Historical Research; Copyrights & Your Thesis | Issues of Copyright, Image Use, & Creation; Positionality | Discover & Embrace Your Inner Researcher; and Fair Play | Designing Balanced Researcher-Supervisor Agreements.

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